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For both residential and commercial clients, Daniel's Roofing and Painting is a trustworthy roofing contractor that specializes in expert roofing installation & repair. Continue reading this page if you’re interested in learning more about the roofing services we provide for residents of Houston, TX.

Roofing Contractor in Houston, TX

A Valuable Investment

If your budget permits, you should think about investing in roofing installation and repair services because they are unquestionably worthwhile. In reality, you might consider it an investment in your property’s entire value rather than just the condition of your roof. Before selecting and speaking with a reputable contractor about fixing your roofing, determine a budget and let the professionals know what you have available.

Installation of New Roofs

If your roof is severely outdated or damaged, Daniel's Roofing and Painting is here to replace it entirely, whether it is composed of metal or shingles. You might be about to decide if it needs to be fixed or replaced. If so, you are welcome to consult with our company’s experts for some guidance. For you to make an informed choice, we will go over the installation procedure with you and what needs to be done during it.


Perhaps only a few damaged shingles need to be repaired rather than a whole roof needing to be replaced. After a brief inspection, our experts will explain the solution to your particular roof problem to you. They will spend enough time up there to determine how to enhance the material’s and structure’s overall condition. We will take care of any issues, such as a leaky skylight, issues with the chimney flashing, or anything else that has to be corrected.

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